Friends of Otter Creek

Recommended Rides

Virtually all of the Otter Creek Trails are beautiful but these are some of our favorite destinations.

Trail Side Restaurant

Trail Side, which is located on Partridgeville Rd in the southern reaches of the trail system. The ride takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1½ hours, depending on how you ride and your familiarity with the trail.

From Assembly Area take Blue Jog, a wide, level, sandy road that soon intersects with a winding trail called Icicle. Turn right onto Confusion Flats for a ways until you intersect Erie Canal Trail, a wooded path that descends to a rest area at a shallow Otter Creek crossing.

A short distance from Otter Creek crossing is Catspaw Lake Rd. Be sure to turn left. It leads to Blueberry Trail.

Follow the signs, and soon you’ll arrive at the rest area below the where there are places to tie your horses. A friendly atmosphere awaits you. The lunch menu offers sandwiches, appetizers, and beverages. Try a glass of lemonade or a Genesee Cream Ale with your lunch. They’re the local favorites.

High Banks

Pack a lunch, and ride into the High Banks area overlooking the Independence River. Along the trail is a rest area with horse ties at a scenic overlook. This is a full-day adventure of easy to moderately difficult riding. By adding another loop, you can head north into the trails around Payne Lake, and it adds only three hours on your day. Don’t forget to stop at beautiful Payne Lake.

We suggest you carry a map, cell phone and ride with a buddy on the trails. Stay on marked trails and if you have an emergency, call 9-1-1. Using the trail map, give the dispatcher the trail name as well the closest circled number on your map. Please wear a helmet...just in case the unexpected happens.

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